The mission of The Outreach Center is to assist disadvantaged citizens to rise above their circumstances and improve their quality of life. We do this through our various program.
Food Distribution

Serving 700 - 1,000 families weekly with groceries.  Food Distribution for impoverished families is each Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Diapers for Babies
Providing free diapers the third and fourth Tuesday of each month to hundreds of infants and toddlers facing diaper need in our community.
Fresh Start Education

The Fresh Start program's purpose (mission) is to provide a means for disadvantaged citizens with poor employability to increase their academic, life, and job skills, with the end goal of attaining and maintaining employment.

Workforce Development
The goal of our Workforce Development program is to increase the overall employability of our impoverished population through education and job training.
Community Food Bank
The goal of our Community Food Bank os to address hunger and poverty by supporting non-profit organizations currently working with impoverished populations.
Fresh Start Counseling
The goal of Fresh Start Counseling is to provide quality, affordable therapy for individuals, couples and families to break the cycle of poverty and help those in need organize themselves and prepare for a new and better life.