Fresh Start Education

Fresh Start Education Program services include: adult basic education modules (math, reading, writing, social studies, spelling, and vocabulary development), GED preparation, and college preparation assistance.  Fresh Start also offers computer literacy, career employment skills education, resume writing and job search, and job training to help prepare individuals for the increasingly vigorous task of obtaining employment.  CES education includes: work-skills education, interview role-play, résumé assistance, job search, employment application assistance, and college financial aid application assistance.  

Student Recruitment, Assessment & Enrollment.  Community agencies help identify and refer disadvantaged individuals who will most benefit from our program services.  New students receive baseline testing and entry interviews.  Student testing levels and personal goals determine initial placement.  Job training participants will begin behavior modeling job training for job functions that will help further their career goals.  

Disadvantaged individuals targeted include: the unemployed, women, immigrants, low-income adults, probationers, individuals lacking high school diplomas, and others. 

Program Design, Learning Skills Improvement & Number to be Served.  The Fresh Start program is open entry and exit. Study is self-paced, and progression is based on mastery.  Students needing learning-skills improvement take LSI training prior to or concurrent with academic subject training.  Progress is documented by standardized tests incorporated into each phase of training.  Students must test at 80% or above to progress to the next module.  Staff and volunteer tutors are on site for one-on-one instruction.  Program completion time is dependent upon student goals, course plan, skill level, and performance capability. 

Computer Literacy Training.   Computer-skills training is built in to the NOVA GED program, as many of the modules are computer based—students gain computer training as they complete other program modules. Computer training is available in conjunction with academic training and as stand-alone for those individuals wishing only to improve their computer skills. Furthermore, we implement Custom Guide Computer Training software to teach the Windows Operating System (our basic computer literacy) and also the Microsoft Office package. Click here to view the list of computer training modules available at The Outreach Center.

GED Training.   GED training utilizes several NOVA academic training modules—most of which are computer based.  Workbooks and written exercises are also part of GED preparation.  

Free GED Classes are offered through our Fresh Start Education program at The Outreach Center

Obtain your high school equivalency diploma now by taking GED classes which are offered by The Outreach Center in Morganton, NC. Our program is free and our classrooms are staffed by professionals who can help you get ahead. The Outreach Center can also provide critical on-the-job training programs and educational programs to give you the job experience you need to qualify for new jobs and to open new career paths. Programs are designed to teach eCommerce, reverse logistics, retail, warehouse distribution, web development, computer and IT management, customer service, sales, and much more. The first step for having your GED is at your fingertips, and best of all it is free! Get started today.

What is the GED?

Basically, the GED is a second chance. It is a diploma that you can earn by passing the GED test. (GED stands for General Educational Development.) To pass the test, you show that you can perform at the same level as a high school graduate in: 





       •social studies 

The GED is a high school equivalency diploma – comparable to a high school diploma. 

Do I Need to Prepare for the GED Test?

Some GED candidates may need only minimal preparation. It may be enough for them to take a few practice tests, schedule the exam, and then walk into a testing center after only 12 hours of class time.

But for most people, a structured program of study and preparation is necessary.

Instruction is given that is individually structured in a friendly, comfortable environment.  Each student progresses at his own pace with readily available help from experienced, caring instructors. You are welcome to come by during class time and discuss any questions or concerns.

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GED Classes are conducted

Days -Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 10:00 am

The Outreach Center is located at 510 E Fleming Drive Morganton NC

For information on The Outreach Center please look at

Final GED testing is conducted at the WPCC campus test site.  An off-campus Western Piedmont Community College GED class is co-located inside our Fresh Start Center.  Our FS GED students transition into the WPCC class prior to final testing on the WPCC campus.  By the time our students are ready to join the WPCC class, their confidence is up and their intimidation level is down. Students are encouraged to attend WPCC or another institution of higher education. Upon completion of their GED students are given a free college scholarship for any class that they are interested in taking. In addition we assist them to apply for financial aid. 

Career Employment Skills (CES) Training.   The Career Employment Skills training is the culmination of academic training and is the vehicle that assists and prepares students for successful employment.  The CES module includes vocational assessment and career counseling, job readiness activities, CES training software, and active involvement in employment search. A pre-employment checklist identifies barriers to employment.  Job readiness activities include résumé preparation and job interview role-play. CES software includes tutorials covering the topics of work competency skills, personal finance, consumerism, and community life skills, and are designed to enhance critical thinking skills. Active career search involves Internet job search, employer contact, and employment application assistance along with temporary agency contacts.  Fresh Start offers the Dress for Success program for job search participants in need of proper interview and work attire.