TOC's Large Food Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

The Outreach Center's large food distributions are currently being held every Tuesday from 10 am until 5:30 pm or until we run out of food.   


Other FAQs about our large food distributions...

When are they held and what should I expect?

Distributions are held every Tuesday from 10am-5:30pm while supplies last. The Thanksgiving food distribution in November is held the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  The Christmas food distribution in December is held the Tuesday before Christmas.

In response to the current Covid guidelines, food distributions are drive-through only. There is absolutely no smoking on the grounds at all. Masks are required and we ask that you remain in your car when waiting in line. Be prepared to wait for long periods of time. If you have medical issues that require food or water, please come prepared. We move as quickly as possible but the wait is long. 


Is it for just Burke County residents? 

No, it is for anyone in North Carolina regardless of the county you live in. 

Do I have to pre-register, what do I need to bring?

You do need to register but you can do that when you arrive on the day of the distribution. Please bring a valid photo ID. If your address does not match your ID, please bring a piece of mail with your current address.

What is the cost? 

There is no charge. 

What will I receive? 

Our food selection and amount vary from week to week. We currently provide food such as meat, fresh produce, dairy and eggs. The end of the month food distribution provides additional dry goods and pet food. Please make sure your trunk is cleaned out and ready to receive a lot of food. For the safety of our staff and volunteers, we prefer to put food into the trunk rather than inside the vehicle.

I can't physically wait in line for long periods. Can someone else pick up my groceries? 

Yes, that is possible. You must be pre-registered first. The person picking up for you will need to have your physical ID, not a picture on a phone. 

Can I volunteer and still receive groceries? 

Yes, many of our volunteers receive food but please be aware that volunteers receive food at the end of the night after all other clients have been provided assistance.


I still have questions? 

Please call our office 828.439.8300 Mon-Fri 9-5