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  • Dr. Holly Johnson

Thank You Walmart and Case Farms

TOC's Bianca Moses recently spent the afternoon with the amazing Alesha Cook at Walmart of Morganton 😊 They put together a bag of Thanksgiving “fixins” to go with the chickens that will be donated by Case Farms for our Thanksgiving food distribution on November 26th.

You can purchase a bag for $5.00 at Walmart that includes: mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, gravy mix, cranberry sauce, 2 cans of vegetables and 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese. The bags will be given out at our Thanksgiving distribution. Thanks to Walmart and Case Farms, many families will be able to celebrate with a complete Thanksgiving dinner!!!! We are so thankful to be living in a community that makes this possible ❤️

Please visit Walmart and purchase a bag for $5.00. It will make a world of difference to so many families.

Thank you Case Farms and Walmart 🙏🏻 Your hearts for the community inspire us!!

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